Hello everyone!

First of all i like to give you all a warm welcome to my world of thoughts. I really like to share with you my experiences of life so far and i hope that i can bring comfort to those who feel discomfort,  joy to to those who are sad or cast a light to those who are tumbelling in the dark.

Let me first tell you a little bit of myself….

My name is Andreas (obvisouly), thirtyeight years of age, happely married to a beautiful wife and together we  have a four year old daughter and we live in a suburb close to Stocholm in Sweden.             I am an electrical safety expert and my everyday ambition and goal is to keep everyone safe from electrical hazards and always try to do my very best to improve the general and common attitude towards riskmanagement and riskawarness. 

My job is all about improvement and i think that life in general also is all about improvement, for example:  

Doing some reflecting thoughts in the end of the day and before you go to sleep, an evaluation of how youre experience of that particular day was, is a powerfull tool to correct bad behavours that does not corrilate to how you want to behave. So what will be youre next thing to improve? Well it’s up for you to descide, i know what i will focus on during next week. 

  1. Stop complaining of things that aren’t good and try to actively make those things better
  2. Spend my psychological energy wisely and on the things i know i can affect
  3. If i find myself in a stressfull situation and in the same time having a conversation with somebody, try to be nice anyway

I will bear these three improvement tasks in my conscious mind every day from now on and report to you at the end of next week so please stay tuned!

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